You'll Hear It When Your Ready

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One thing I know for sure is that a person will hear something you say when they are far enough along on their journey to receive it.  Sometimes they hear the same thing you've said a million times when it's coming from someone else. 

In our family, the later statement is true of our children.  The fall of 2015 was pretty stressful for us.  Our oldest daughter was a senior and in the throws of her college search and all that entails.  We shared all the wisdom we had and it fell on deaf ears.  Then one day she came home so excited because her counselor had this great idea!  It was something that we had already suggested to her on multiple occasions.  

But she heard it.  It doesn't matter in the end who she heard it from.  She was at a point in the process that she was ready to receive it and she heard it from someone who wasn't nagging her constantly. But she heard it.

The same thing happens on our mats all of the time.  Most people come into the studio to get healthy and fit.  Along the way something magical happens once we're ready.  We learn that yoga is much more than just the movement of our bodies and breath.

Our yoga practice is a process of incorporating the eight limbs of yoga, of which the asana (physical practice) is just one.  And most would argue that it's  not even the most important one!  Like life, it's a journey where we see and hear things when we're at the point in the process that we are ready to receive them.  

Rolf Gates was here last Thursday evening and he shared many inspiring thoughts.  Some were new to us and some we talk about here often during our classes.  One of those is the concept of 'the middle' which can be referred to in many different ways.  I usually say,"Find ease, not easy.  The place that you can stay if you had to for the entire class."  I've also heard it many other different ways.

As a student on my mat it took me a long time to grasp this concept.  I thought I wasn't a 'good yogi' until I could do arm balances or a handstand.  That I had to power through every pose because that's what strong people do.  Boy was I wrong.  

Thankfully I took a class one day and the teacher talked about finding ease.  This was several years into my practice.  I was at a place where I was ready to hear it. I received it.  It changed my practice and my life.  Then I noticed she talked about ease all the time and NOT just on the day I HEARD it.  Funny how that works!

Your journey is yours.  Don't rush it!  The process works and you will discover things when it's your time to.  Enjoy every moment of it and who you become along the way.