Why Yoga in Nature?

To me, there's something really special about taking my practice outside whether it's here in Illinois, on the beach, in the Colorado mountain's, or in a rice field in Bali.   It's being one with nature.  Feeling something beneath my feet that's not a studio floor supporting me.   I particularly love when the grass is dewy and wet under my mat.  I don't really care for little granules of sand anywhere on my mat.  Those tiny pieces become part of my yoga practice. I have to not let them bother me.    The sounds and smells are my favorite part.   Nature has the best sound track of all time!  

There's something freeing about being outside.  I feel like no one is watching me and the opportunities to find drishti are outstanding.  There are definitely some challenges that are different for everyone.  For me balance becomes more of an issue.  I have a friend that just can't stand bugs so she won't even give it a thought.

Try yoga out in nature this summer.  If you can't make our weekly yoga in the park just grab your mat and go anywhere.  Your backyard is just as good as anyplace!  Outside is where your life on your mat and your life off your mat come together and isn't that what yoga is?