What Is Yoga And How Does a Mala Fit In To All Of This?

Do you know what the word yoga actually translates to?  I start all the kids classes I teach breaking down that sanskrit word that we throw around so loosely.  Yoga means "union" and in vinyasa yoga means the union or linking of body, breath, mind and spirit.   People often think yoga is your body on your mat doing poses to turn your body into a pretzel and to challenge your flexibility.  The practice of yoga is actually so much more than your classes in the studio doing chatarungas.  It is when you feel most connected to your true self.  It is when you feel alive and powerful and authentic.  It is when you are completely present. It's when you find yourself as one with the people and universe around you.  

Yoga can actually be walking your dog.  It can be cooking a gourmet meal.  For some it's playing a game with a child or painting a house.  "Yoga" is meditation and "yoga" is breathing. Yoga can be making and using a mala necklace.

On Sunday at twist, we are having a workshop to make your own japa mala necklace (or bracelet if you choose!).  These traditional pieces of jewelry contain 108 beads and can be used to help still the mind.  How can a necklace do that?   Malas are often used along with a mantra to bring peace within.  During our workshop, we'll talk about what a mala actually is, why they contain the beads they do, and you'll get to design your own piece to take home with you.

I have to tell you, the past two days I have spent countless hours "getting ready" for this workshop (ie making mala after mala 😊).  I missed both classes last night because the time got away from me.  Marv had to remind me to go to the hospital today to work because the hours had passed so quickly.  Yoga is when time is flying and you are completely immersed in what you are doing.  The art of making a mala itself is actually quite meditative and then using it once it's done is even more powerful.  I hope you'll join me for our workshop at 2:30.  If your yoga is feeling pretty and you're into fashion, this is the workshop for you.  If your yoga is being creative and you like to create art, this workshop is for you.  If your yoga is trying to increase your meditation devotion, this workshop is for you.  And if you have no idea what a mala is and wonder why you should come to the studio when you won't  be doing one single chatarunga, this workshop is for you!  It's for everyone (just as yoga is!!).

Can't wait to see you! Mandy

P.S.  There are plenty of spots still left--I have several beads from our trip to Bali and have been ordering beautiful beads every day for the last two weeks.  Boxes keeps showing up at my house!!  So. many. options. Please come so I don't have to create a bead room in my new house.

P.P.S.  Marv even got into my mala time a little and I snuck this picture of him to prove it!  Maybe bring your boyfriend, husband, son along too?!