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Detox to Retox at Oswego Brewing Co.


Sunday Mornings in Oswego!

Yoga at OBC will incorporate a vinyasa, power yoga class designed to challenge, awaken and detoxify every muscle of the body. This energetic flow style class guides students towards greater awareness of self, personal transformation and empowerment. It will sculpt,tone and condition both your body and mind and at the same time bring forth a whole lot of fun and playfulness.

This class is appropriate for all levels. Modifications and variations are encouraged to accommodate individual needsand experience levels.

A yoga mat is required, and towel & water are strongly recommended.

$15 for the class and a craft beer

Payment is being collected through Oswego Brewing Co. at the door.

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Yin For Chakras: Find Gratitude in Your ROOTS w/ Amy
11:30 AM11:30

Yin For Chakras: Find Gratitude in Your ROOTS w/ Amy

Do you feel unbalanced and you don't know why?

Reconnect and balance your mind and body through the quieting and powerful practice of yin yoga focusing on your ROOT chakra which permits feelings of nourishment, confidence, trust and connection.

As you breathe and find stillness in longer held poses, your whole being will unravel and relax. You will learn about the chakras with special attention to your root chakra where you may be unknowingly blocked in some areas. Just close your eyes and naturally re-balance your whole mind and body.

$20 for this 90 minute workshop

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On a Roll w/ Jen
11:30 AM11:30

On a Roll w/ Jen

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 2.01.27 PM.png

Students will be introduced to a variety of exercises, poses and flows using the Yoga Wheel to develop the core and build stability, as well as challenge balance and enhance flexibility.

In this fun-filled workshop we will look at how to challenge new muscles in familiar asanas. For example back bending postures can be extremely difficult, but the yoga wheel makes a back bending and hip opening practice playful, easy and effortless!

All levels are welcome – we recommend a regular yoga practice for at least 6 months

What you'll need:

A Yoga Wheel! You can get one on Amazon for as little as $15 all the way up to $50. Most people can use a 12 inch wheel.




$25 for this 90 min workshop

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Yoga Nidra w/Eva
8:30 PM20:30

Yoga Nidra w/Eva

Have you wondered what a longer, deeper period of relaxation would feel like? Then a yoga nidra might be what you are looking for.

Yoga nidra is translated as "yogic sleep," but this method is not really about getting in a good nap in. It's a meditation guided by the teacher's voice while you identify sensations throughout your body and focus on your breath. You  remain in a state of relaxed awareness so that you may release deeply held tensions.

Come in and experience a state of relaxation you may have never achieved before.

$7 for this 30 minute workshop 

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Summer 2019 Teacher Training

Join Theresa Wilson and Amanda Riley for a 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in Plainfield, Illinois

Summer 2019 Session Dates

June 7, 10, 14, 24, 28

July 8, 12, 15,19, 22

August 5 & 9

The day starts at 8:00am and ends at 9:00pm on Mondays and on Fridays it begins at 7:00am and goes until 7:00pm. There are plenty of breaks for fresh air and sunshine. We try to get outside as much as possible!

**There will be homework and a personal practice minimum requirement.

This is a Teacher Training for those serious about becoming an amazing teacher.

Upon completing this training  you will be confidant enough to get up in front of a class and guide them through their experience and share parts of yours .  You will teach segments of a class every single day, several times a day.   We use  a hands on approach to teaching and you will be coached not only by Theresa and Amanda but by your peers and other guest teachers.   

During this training you will learn something new about yourself daily.  You will learn something new about yoga and it's eight limbs daily.  You will learn how important your community is every moment of your training.  You will evolve not only as a yoga teacher but as a human being as well.

Before you leave our training you will have the skills and confidence of an experienced teacher.  How?

  • Move your body daily. The practice will become a part of you.

  • Learn how to teach by teaching during live classes.

  • Practice presence and mindfulness.

  • Discussion about the principles of yoga and whatever else comes up organically.

  • Begin to discover how to teach without using words (Hands on Assisting).

  • An in-depth look at the anatomy of the major poses of a vinyasa class. You’ll learn that every body is unique and that poses are not one size fits all.

  • Study the yamas and niyamas then discuss how they fit into our modern life along with other yogic principles. We’ll examine the eight limbs of yoga, koshas and more.

  • You will present a workshop and teach a full one hour class by the end of your training.

  • Learn the business of yoga from people who have been there, done that.


You will become the teacher YOU are meant to be, NOT the teacher we think you should be.

Participation in this program does not guarantee a teaching position at Twist Yoga Lounge. However, we are very proud that 91% of our graduates are working teachers in the yoga/fitness industry.

Don’t be shy! Contact Theresa or Amanda if you have any questions.

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