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Detox to Retox at Oswego Brewing Co.


Sunday Mornings in Oswego!

Yoga at OBC will incorporate a vinyasa, power yoga class designed to challenge, awaken and detoxify every muscle of the body. This energetic flow style class guides students towards greater awareness of self, personal transformation and empowerment. It will sculpt,tone and condition both your body and mind and at the same time bring forth a whole lot of fun and playfulness.

This class is appropriate for all levels. Modifications and variations are encouraged to accommodate individual needsand experience levels.

A yoga mat is required, and towel & water are strongly recommended.

$15 for the class and a craft beer

Payment is being collected through Oswego Brewing Co. at the door.

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Twisted Twosomes w/Jen
7:00 PM19:00

Twisted Twosomes w/Jen

Twisted Twosomes partner yoga is a style of asana practice in which two people support each other in poses in a way that enhances the postures and builds trust and communication. Working with a partner provides balance in a pose while establishing and maintaining proper body alignment. It also allows each yogi to experience the pose in a different way.
Partner yoga helps build relationships as the yogis share the pose, movements and breath. Each must step outside him/herself to connect with the other and work together.

Join Jen for a 60 minute partner yoga workshop. Whether your partners or friends, experienced or beginner to yoga, doesn't matter. Grab your yoga mats and give Twisted Twosomes a try.

$40 per couple

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Advance Your Practice- Arm Balance Workshop w/Jen
11:30 AM11:30

Advance Your Practice- Arm Balance Workshop w/Jen

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.35.11 PM.png

Want to learn how to advance your practice by adding arm balances? 

Jen will guide you through a 90 minute workshop where you can learn how to arm balance easier. This playful and challenging workshop is for anyone beginning or developing arm balances.

Arm balances can strengthen the muscles, bones and joints of the hands, arms chest, shoulders, back, abdominals, as well as increase blood flow through these parts. An added side benefit of learning these beautiful balancing postures is a nice boost in self-confidence and self-acceptance. The mind also becomes focused and happy when yogic flight is achieved.

We will focus on crow/crane, side crow, fallen angel, scissors, flying pigeon, shoulder pressing pose/firefly and eight angle pose... just to name a few.

$25 for this 90 min workshop 

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6:00 PM18:00

Get Down & Disco Dog

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.49.51 PM.png

Break out your best disco duds or costumes just in time for Halloween! 

Twist is bringing you an ultimate yoga experience- Disco Flow. All yogis will be led through a 60 minute all levels vinyasa class complete with some of your favorite disco tunes.  By end end of the night you'll follow the call of the disco ball!

Everyone needs a little more disco in their life!


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On a Roll-Wheel Workshop w/Jen
11:30 AM11:30

On a Roll-Wheel Workshop w/Jen

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.26.32 PM.png

Students will be introduced to a variety of exercises, poses and flows using the Yoga Wheel to develop the core and build stability, as well as challenge balance and enhance flexibility.

In this fun-filled workshop we will look at how to challenge new muscles in familiar asanas. For example back bending postures can be extremely difficult, but the yoga wheel makes a back bending and hip opening practice playful, easy and effortless!

All levels are welcome – we recommend a regular yoga practice for at least 6 months

What you'll need:

A Yoga Wheel! You can get one on Amazon for as little as $15 all the way up to $50. Most people can use a 12 inch wheel.

Mat, Towel, Water

$25 for this 90 min workshop

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to Nov 11

Twist Fall Challenge

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.27.20 PM.png

Practice yoga 3 times a week, it will change your body.

Practice 5 times a week, it will change your life.

Join the Twist Fall Challenge and see changes in your body and life!

The challenge: Earn 25 stars in 30 days


-Starts October 13 & ends November 11.

 -We recommend hitting your mat once a day so that you are establishing a healthy and consistent practice.

 -If doubles are more your thing, we allow you to earn  stickers up to twice a day.

 -All Workshops during the challenge are worth 2 stickers.

 -We will offer double stickers classes a couple times per week. Make sure to enable your push notifications on your Twist Yoga Lounge app and check FB and your email. Classes that earn double stickers will be announced at least 48 hours in advance.

 -Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a challenge tank.

 -One lucky person will win THREE MONTHS OF YOGA! (a value of $267) Names will be drawn from all those who earn 25 stars or more.


Unroll your mat, open your mind, and discover what you are capable of…


Cost: $25

Yoga classes are not included in the price of the challenge. Each person is responsible for purchasing a membership or packages in addition to the challenge cost.

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