Yin Yoga - the feminine principle: dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool, introspective. Yin is a series of long, slow postures designed to stretch the connective tissue of the body. Connective tissue is the tough, fibrous network of tissues that lies beneath our muscles and connects all of the major systems of our bodies. Unlike muscle tissue, which is considered yang, connective tissue is considered yin because it is deeper in the body and responds to constant, slow pressure rather than quick, rhythmic movement.

Yang Yoga - the masculine principle: light, active, outward and upward moving, hot, extrospective. While all yoga has similar goals and objectives, the traditional yoga practiced in North America is typically Yang Yoga. Yang is considered more dynamic, because it stretches and strengthens muscular tissues with an emphasis on internal heating with breathing exercises which also helps with stamina, and flexibility. 


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga teaches you how to really listen. You don't get the opportunity to go in and out, jump around and find a distracted version of stillness within your practice. Yin is such a great compliment to other styles and your own personal life, because it brings long periods of time in an uncomfortable position, which then asks you to learn to 'be' and to 'accept what is' in that given moment. All Levels

Slow Burn Yoga

From the slow progressive sequences, to the longer holding postures, the entire body and mind are brought into balance in this focused yet calming class.  Students explore all the benefits of each posture within the boundaries and framework of the own individual expressions.  Music and candlelight are used to add to your experience. All Levels

Mindful Yoga

Start your practice by connecting your mind, body, and breath to quiet down. Then move mindfully into a slow but powerful flow that focuses on the little intricacies in your body that you’re not always tuned in to.  We’ll end with a few restorative poses that will rejuvenate your soul, and help you become more mindful of the needs of your entire being.  Music will be used to enhance the experience when needed. All levels.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized moment", and Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling.  Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits.  Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body.  Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.  Bring your mat, towel, and plenty of water. We also offer a non heated version during the week at 12:00pm. All levels.

Vinyasa Basics

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been around awhile, this is the perfect class to start gaining an understanding of alignment and fundamentals. The Basics class encourages students at any level to embrace a beginner’s mindset. We slow the pace down, keep our sequencing simple, and take more time explaining and experiencing each posture.  We may also break down poses and explain them in greater detail if it seems necessary.  All levels.

Energizing Flow

Energizing Flow is a challenging class of vinyasa poses in flowing transition with a focus on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and an overall sense of well-being.  We will build upon basic yoga poses in order to invigorate the body while at the same time freeing the mind.  Students need to feel comfortable with sun salutations and some advanced poses.  This class builds strength and balance physically AND mentally, and leaves you feeling energized.  Be ready to move, breathe, and sweat!  All levels welcome but geared toward intermediate.

Fusion Yoga

Fusion yoga is two types of classes fused into one sixty minute class.  Typically the first half of class will consist of a type of yang yoga such as vinyasa, energizing, or a mini boot camp.  The last half of class is usually yin or restorative yoga but you may also have a yoga nidra.  From time to time class may fuse different elements such as a slow vinyasa flow with Tibetan singing bowls and/or essential oils.  Every class is a surprise! And it may include music depending on what the teacher has planned. All levels.

Happy Hour

It's all about letting go with a sweaty, fun hour of yoga. Upbeat music is played while we move, bend and twist. This is an all levels class which moves at a moderate pace. Bring your mat, towel, water and willingness to have some fun.  All levels.


Rock Your Core

Extra emphasis will be given to your abdominal and back muscles in addition to building your functional core strength.  You will work on all three areas of your abdominals and explore ways to make your 'power center' the center of your being.  This is about your core and so much more!  Music is typically played at this class.  All levels.

Twist & Sculpt

This rockin' class to music will bring you through a standard Power Vinyasa Flow with the added option to bring more resistance by adding weights.  The weights will help you engage your muscles and break up your normal routine.  You will do more than you thought possible.  As you get stronger you will let go of any limiting beliefs about what you can do. All levels.

Fusion On Fire

This means any combinations of high energy yoga classes we currently offer, PLUS new concepts that will vary each week keeping you guessing. Imagine creative combinations of Yoga Body Boot Camp, Power Sculpt, Piyo, Pilates, HIIT, and more!

One thing that is certain is you will leave with your metabolism revved and will continue to burn calories throughout the rest of your day!

 Due to space requirements this class may fill up. Please sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot.  All levels